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ARCHEOSUb project covered from the BlueLab Team at the WORKSHOP ON MARINE TECHNOLOGIES, December 11th 2018, Haifa, Israel.
Download the workshop flyer here.
ARCHEOSUb project covered during the Prof. Petrioli's speech at Mediterranean Exchange of Archaeological Tourism, November 15th 2018, Paestum, Salerno, Italy.
ARCHEOSUb project covered during Prof. Petrioli's speech on Internet of Underwater Things  at TEDx Foggia, December 16th 2017, Foggia, Italy.
ARCHEOSUb Workshop took place at Roma Drone Campus 2018, February 22th 2018, Rome.
During the event, MDM Team and the University of Florence received the “Roma Drone Awards 2018” for the development of Zeno AUV.
Chiara Petrioli gave a presentation on IoUT on UCH covering ARCHEOSUb at the Workshop at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage for the twentieth year from the foundation of the ‘Nucleo di Intervento per l’Archeologia Subacquea’, in December 2017.
The workshop gathered all main italian underwater archaeology groups. The presentation was on Internet of Underwater Internet of Things, examples of applications of IoUT in field including ARCHEOSUb. The aim was to describe the potential of such technologies for UCH.